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1 Feb 2012

Dear Emily Post: I Am Fretting.

Written by sally @ 8:18 am — Section: sally

Receiving a save the date card is a guaranteed “you’re invited to the wedding,” correct? I generally do not fret about such things, except:

1. A friend and I both received save the date cards some months ago.
2. On Monday, we IMed about the wedding because she had just received the wedding invitation.
3. Excited, I went ahead and bought a gift off of the couple’s registry.
4. (Four mugs and a vase…except a day later Crate and Barrel was all “oops sorry the vase is sold out” so now my gift looks exceptionally crappy.)
5. In the note that will accompany the now-crappy gift, I wrote something about being excited to see them in May.
6. This is great except I haven’t received my invitation yet.
7. While not being invited would not prevent me from sending a gift, it might’ve prevented me from writing “HAY CAN’T WAIT TO COME TO YOUR WEDDING AND ALL” on the note.
8. Now that I wrote this, I will probably get my invite today.
9. But! What if I DON’T get one, and then, after my gift is delivered, they go “oh shit” and then send me a second tier invite out of guilt?
10. What iffffff

5 Responses to “Dear Emily Post: I Am Fretting.”

  1. poobou said:

    Why would they send you a save the date card if you weren’t invited? “Oh hey, mark this day on your calendar because we’re getting married but PSYCH! You can’t come.” Who does that??

    If they do send you a second tier invite, it should be out of SHAME, because that was just rude and stupid on their part.

  2. poobou said:

    (Sorry, am grumpy and judgmental today.)

  3. Liz said:

    Yes, sending a save the date is just part one of the invitation. If you really don’t see the invitation in the next week, you should have a mutual friend bring it up to them. That way you save face and they are aware the invite didn’t reach you.

  4. sally said:

    The mail came. No invite.

  5. Katie said:

    My Mississippi Magazine was a month late. Give the mail time.