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12 Oct 2010

Cringe. Sophomore Year Diary Edition.

Written by sally @ 2:33 pm — Section: sally

July 15, 1988:
The workshop was okay. I met a nerdy guy, a horrible girl, and an ugly girl. And I got an award.

Same date, under the heading GOALS FOR SOPHOMORE YEAR:
17. Use direct quotes from famous people as “quips”

January 4, 1989:
My god, I am so ugly. I mean, really gross.

Insults I Call Various People:
retarded dickhead
icky poo

2 Responses to “Cringe. Sophomore Year Diary Edition.”

  1. Mix said:

    Can we please see some of the previous 16 goals for your sophomore year?

  2. Von Erich said:

    I agree with Mix. thx.