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20 Nov 2008

Consider Yourself Lucky I Don’t Do This More Often.

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I haven’t done any of the standard, boring “here is what I did today” posts in awhile, so here goes.

The baby is sick again (ear infection, as usual — he is headed for tubes pretty quickly here) so I was at home with him. He’s been in a pretty great mood all day, so that means he was engaged in his usual activities: rolling on the floor and trying to remove all the skin from my face with his tiny, steel fingers. Gorjus came over for lunch (I only offer my guests the finest of meals: today we had grilled cheese) and then we watched a couple of Law and Orders. Then Spike and I went for a walk because it was the most beautiful day today, and then Spike went to bed, and then I discovered that the dryer died, and then I discovered that Pete thinks Knock the Baby Clothes Off the Drying Rack is a super fun game, and then I put some new potatoes in the oven to roast and then I wrestled with a giant piece of salmon that I thought was cut into pieces but was not cut into pieces, and now here I am. On the couch.

I anticipate that I will do the following things with the rest of my evening:
–eat dinner, possibly with apologies for how I prepared the salmon
–watch 30 Rock
–bathe a cute baby
–go to bed at a Matlock-appropriate time

If any of these things change, I will be sure and let you know.

That is all.

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