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5 Dec 2011


Written by sally @ 6:58 pm — Section: sally

1. Man to Salvation Army bellringer: Man, there’s just too many of y’all.

2. Rankin county tag: GORR JUS
(I made a panicky phone call to the Hinds county Gorjus, who had already heard about it.)

3. Books I Have Recently Given Up On:
Ready Player One by Ernest Hines
An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin

4. I have a long history of abandoning tv shows that I previously wrote long love letters to in my heart. Grey’s Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters, Survivor — the list is long. I just would rather see nothing than the characters I used to love do stupid things while Ingrid Michaelson songs play in the background. It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that I think The Good Wife and I are about to break up. Yes, it was never on my super love list, but I enjoyed it in a CBS (dorky, chaste) way. This last episode had just the worst case of CBSing I’ve ever seen. We are lead to believe a kid has been kidnapped. Instead, she has SNUCK AWAY TO GET BAPTISED. I just…I’m done. I’m sorry, Kalinda! Maybe I’ll still record the show just to see your hot leather outfits.

5. I was having breakfast at Spike’s school the other morning when he suddenly said to his teacher, “Ms. Brown! Ms. Brown! My mommy doesn’t have a winky!”

4 Responses to “Cinq!”

  1. poobou said:

    Spike is awesome.

  2. The Wressler said:

    Obvs, Ms. brown failed us all in a blog worthy retort… Sigh.

    I don’t know what to say about you and The Good Wife. Did they hurt your feelings prior to this? I mean, it’s network television. On CBS! I still think it has great characters, great actors, Alan Cumming and great writers. Although, I’m with you on that awful babtising (you spelled it wrong- B) scene.

    Lastly- guuurrrlll, I wasn’t aware of your leather outfit fascination. You know you can pray that away, right?

  3. The Wressler said:

    Speaking of spelling shit wrong! LEAD! Go Raiders! Re-read #4.

  4. Sally said:

    I’m not changing my misspelling because you think baptism has a b in it. Also, love your new screen name!