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17 Nov 2009

Cat and Dog Murder Show.

Written by sally @ 9:34 pm — Section: Uncategorized

Tonight I was ready to murder all the animals in the world, or at least the ones who live at my house. Lulu was outside barking, and when I went to let her in, she started galloping from the very back of the yard so by the time she made it to the house she was going pretty fast. Meanwhile, Pete was chasing Bob through the kitchen, and as Bob sailed through the air as he jumped off the 3 steps down from the kitchen into the back room, he collided with Lulu, who, as you’ll remember, was going 900 miles per hour. There was a really, really bad cat noise, and then some barking, and then I looked over and Icky was snoozing through the entire event.

This drawing sucks for many reasons, one of which it is too small to see, but if you squint you can kind of see what happened.

pet crash

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