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26 Jan 2011

Can’t Be Sure.

Written by sally @ 7:02 pm — Section: sally

A man called this afternoon and needed some advice. He’d been bitten by a bug and wanted to know what it was. Some choice quotes:

1. “It had an olive green body, an orange head, and a white stripe down its back.”
2. “It was a little smaller than a ladybug. But I can’t be sure because there weren’t any ladybugs in my room then.”
3. “It could’ve been a banana bug. I ate a banana yesterday.”
4. “The pest control guy said he hasn’t seen a banana bug in New York in 30 years!”


3 Responses to “Can’t Be Sure.”

  1. Liz said:

    Reference librarians: the new WebMD?

  2. ap said:

    What was your diagnosis?

  3. beth said:

    So this guy was in New York? Do you put ads on Craigslist? how does this happen???