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19 Apr 2011

Cake (Acrylic on Birch).

Written by sally @ 7:04 am — Section: sally

A few months ago, I got an email from a nice Canadian lady named Leslie Watts who, through a Google image search, came across a photo of Larry’s birthday cake from several years ago, featured here. Instead of writing to make fun of how my ganache wasn’t shiny AT ALL, she was writing to see if I’d mind if she painted it.

I thought perhaps she was a cake painting spam robot, but it turns out she is a fantastic painter! Click here to see her beautiful, gorgeous, amazing work — including the cake painting.

4 Responses to “Cake (Acrylic on Birch).”

  1. Liz said:

    How bizarre and wonderful!

  2. ap said:

    A reaction in two parts:
    1) That’s nice. Some artistic license. The candle is a nice touch.
    [realization that I was comparing the painting to Deb’s cake]
    2) Holy freaking crap! That’s amazing.

  3. Leslie said:

    I blush. Thank you.

  4. Karen R said:

    I’ve been lurking for months but now feel compelled to write. Leslie, your work is astounding. Blush away.