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12 Feb 2007

Burt Reynolds, 1972.

Written by sally @ 9:47 am — Section: Uncategorized

Happy Monday, and welcome.

I give you the funniest picture of my animals of all time, taken with the worst camera of all time (the Polaroid i-Zone — one of those instant cameras that gives you a picture about an inch big — which I found in a bowl (?) under the bed in the guest room and which was the first camera handy).


The color is bad, but the sleazy pose totally makes up for it. Just pretend this photo was taken in 1972. And that Pete is Burt Reynolds.

9 Responses to “Burt Reynolds, 1972.”

  1. Christy said:

    I think the bad color adds to the high-sleaze factor. Like a dirty photo you found in a box at an estate sale that someone had under their bed for 30 years.

  2. beth said:

    That is so, so, so, so dirty.

    Is lulu conked out on meds? Even dirtier.

  3. larry ferrari said:

    Pete is not above slipping Ruffies in her water bowl to take advantage of her. Although with the colors in this photo, maybe a mickey might be the more appropriate word to use.

  4. gclark said:

    he needs a wife-beater t-shirt and a can of hamm’s.

  5. sally said:

    I wish he would sit like this EVERY DAY. It doesn’t stop being funny to me.

    UPDATED: I sent this picture to my mom, who wrote back: “This looks like it was taken in a brothel.”

  6. gorjus said:


  7. herman rarebell said:

    thank you for the next buddies flyer.

  8. liz said:

    Max sits like that, too! Always hilarious.

  9. poobou said:

    My cat sits like this sometimes, and it’s way more pornographic because she has neurotically licked her stomach bald, so it’s all just nipples for DAYS.

    But passed out Lulu in the corner really does make it seem like there’s some kind of 1970’s quaalude theme going on. Which is awesome.