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7 Dec 2005

Gram Day, Some Soup, Et Cetera.

Written by sally @ 7:52 pm — Section: sally

• Today is Gram Day, made so by decree in 1989.

• I tried to meet gorjus for lunch the other day, but apparently went to the wrong shitty Chinese buffet. I’d already ordered a Coke when I realized that I was not, in fact, at Sun Koon, but at Peking. Also: gorjus was starving to death but shrugged the whole thing off with aplomb, even though part of the problem was that the two stupid restaurants are on the Frontage Road and you have to go around the world to get back to the first stupid restaurant, which he did with the mere whisper of a whine. He might’ve just been too weak to argue with me.

• I made crawfish and corn soup last night. It’s really more of a dip, since it’s thick and hearty and I scoop it up and dump it on top of slices of french bread. My grandmother made it for us when we went to visit her a few months ago, and it’s a tasty and simple weeknight meal. (Recipe synopsis: saute an onion, some bell pepper, and 2 cloves of garlic until tender; dump in two cans of creamed corn, a cup of half and half, and a pound of crawfish. Bring to a boil and reduce heat; add salt, pepper, tabasco, whatever else you fancy. Fin.)

• Y’all should go read this funny new blog with training wheels called eLucid; either it’s authored by several people, or one dude with a tragic case of multiple personality disorder. I haven’t figured out which.

Project Runway comes on at, like three o’clock in the morning tonight, so I have already informed gorjus that when he comes over I will already be in my pajamas. I was thinking, eh, it probably won’t be all that great, and then I noticed that the season finale of last time is on Bravo right now, and watching it for exactly 15 seconds reminded me of how much I love this show.

• I can’t tell you how free I feel after officially dumping Kazuo Ishiguro. No, literally: I took him back to the public library and dumped him into the book drop. What I’m reading now: nothing but magazines. I’m thinking I’m going to skate through the rest of the year on the past few weeks’ worth of New Yorkers, the new Real Simple, which I treasure and examine as if it were written in Morrissey’s own hand, and the New York Times Magazine, which I never read right away because I am angry at its irregular size and the fact that the cover is always sort of half-ripped off, which only reminds me further that the magazine is like a tiny infant who cannot support its own head.

• All you cat and dog people, go directly to George and buy your furry loved one something cool. Check out the Kitty Grocery Pack for kittens and the Stripey Dogpatch Knit Cap for pups.

8 Responses to “Gram Day, Some Soup, Et Cetera.”

  1. biz said:

    I am beyond excited that Project Runway is starting again. I am now waiting for Project Jay. I heart him. But, I will miss the first fifteen or twenty minutes of PR because I have to work until 9pm. Does it say bad things about me that I was *this* close to finding someone to cover for me tonight so I could watch the finale of America’s Next Top Model and the season premier of Project Runway?

  2. abby said:

    This is the greatest phrase ever: “Real Simple, which I treasure and examine as if it were written in Morrissey’s own hand”.

  3. J. Bubba Cots said:

    gorjus gets a blue ribbon for Valorous and Unselfish Lunch Accomodation, with distinction. Sally gets a red ribbon, with stars, for “a tiny infant who cannot support its own head.”

    re: the eLucid blog: our vote is 1 person, many unnecessary personalities, some minor tragedy.

  4. Cornbread Glam said:

    Dear George,
    I would really like to have your Orange Vintage Dog Quilt featuring “a cremesicle parade of dogs and canine paraphernalia on one side and soft, crème-colored sherpa on the other.”

    The violent orange would match our living room perfectly and it might deter my owner from repeatedly sneaking up on me during nap time and wrapping me in a threadbare sheet like a 100 pound infant.

    However, even with my limited grasp of economics, $130 seems exceedingly pricey. You have clearly lost your mind.

    Thanks for nothing.

  5. gorjus said:

    Cornbread!! Go make us some jello shots!

  6. jaysus said:

    thanks, gorj. i just got home and cornbread is drunk and smoking in the house. all my everclear is gone. nd she wants me to take her to headliners.

  7. gorjus said:

    Like mom, like daughter, is all I say!

  8. Cornbread Glam said:

    drrr, donshoo stawk sbout smy musher!! (hic)