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10 Aug 2015

Books! Also, Hi.

Written by sally @ 3:23 pm — Section: sally

[I’m going to skip the part where I acknowledge that it’s been almost a year since I’ve posted here, as there’s no exciting/juicy/murderous story to go along with it. Although I did find a draft from June about how awful the movie Aloha was, and how delighted my pal David was to see it, and how at every turn when it got worse and worse, that his eyes lit up more and more. Y’all. Everything you heard was true. Worst movie of all time.]

Anyway, since I’ve been posting, like, every day and all lately, y’all are probably sick of hearing about the books I’ve been reading and what I think of them, but here’s a recap of 2015’s notable books:

Station Eleven: I never read dystopian nightmare apocalyptic stuff. Not my bag. Everyone’s dead? WHO CARES. However, I started this without knowing what it was about, and the traveling Shakespeare angle really appealed to me. I loved this book. Savage and beautiful and just all-around interesting. 14 thumbs up.

All the Light We Cannot See: Perhaps one of the most gorgeous books I’ve ever read. I would’ve liked this story had it been told stripped down, Hemingway-style, but add in gorgeous language and I was a goner. I recommend drinking a few beers and then finding a kindly person to recount each detail of the plot to. You will feel as though you wrote this book, and then when you cry at the end of your plot-telling, you will be in awe of your own genius, moving you to tears. 23 thumbs up.

Life After Life: I didn’t really know about Kate Atkinson…she never clicked with me before, but this book was amazing. We meet Ursula Todd at birth. The midwife is late arriving. Ursula dies. We meet Ursula Todd at birth. The midwife makes it. Ursula lives. I’ve always liked Ian McEwan books because they seem to focus on the one tiny second that changes a person’s fate, and this book really drives that point home (and then makes out with it in the car) (sorry). I didn’t want it to end! And I bought her new book that’s about Ursula’s brother, Teddy, but I can’t bear to start it because then it will end. 20 thumbs up.

I read some real dumb books, too, but I’ll save those for the next time I post something, which is so totally going to be tomorrow.

One Response to “Books! Also, Hi.”

  1. cindy w said:

    Hey! Hi! I enjoyed this. I look forward to your next book summary in 2016.