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26 May 2006


Written by sally @ 8:42 am — Section: Uncategorized

Tell the truth: if y’all were 8 or 9, you would totally pay $2.25 for a Scholastic poster featuring this picture:

I’m thinking that the phrase across the top would be either “hang in there” or “thank god it’s Friday.” And maybe they’d crop out the pitiful blanket-on-a-brick-floor motif.

6 Responses to “TGIF.”

  1. Professor Fury said:

    The best thing about this is the precise, and I suspect accurate, price-point you’ve chosen.

    Awww, Pete.

  2. poobou said:

    Is he yawning or throwing a temper tantrum? I see this face on my cat a lot, and it could go either way.

  3. sally said:

    He’s yawning. There is a HUGE delay on my stupid digital camera, which means I have 400 pictures of the back of Pete’s head, but this time at least he was doing something interesting.

  4. gorjus said:

    Hee. “I Have to Have My Nap” is another.

  5. Lucy said:

    This photo could also be on one of those forwarded emails with pictures of animals “smiling”.

  6. mix said:

    In this picture, Pete reminds me a little of David Lee Roth, but in a good way!