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8 Dec 2008

Be Gone, Conquistador!

Written by sally @ 4:35 pm — Section: Uncategorized

Have I really never told you about my freakout dreams, the ones where I see things in my room, panic, then realize I’m only dreaming? I’ve just spent several precious minutes scouring the archives and can find no reference to this phenomenon. Anyway, quickly: they started when I was 22 and I saw a spider on the ceiling. It was spiders for awhile, then I graduated to mice (one mouse wore a tutu once). Then I think there was a larger rodent for a few years, and then, oh god, I graduated to humans. There is nothing scarier than waking up to find a conquistador or a dude in scuba gear hovering by the foot of your bed. I actually called 911 once before I realized that I was just insane.

I guess because a strange man is like, the worst possible thing to find uninvited in your room and I survived those, my brain reset, and now, when I have a freakout dream, it’s some weird, benign object.

Case in point: Last night a black pageboy wig floated through the bedroom and into the hall as if an invisible person were wearing it.

4 Responses to “Be Gone, Conquistador!”

  1. Hillary said:

    It may be hypnagogia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypnagogia

  2. Blair said:

    Sometimes you really scare me. But mostly, I’m just fascinated.

  3. poobou said:

    Wow, that is amazing. And I would LOVE to hear the 911 tape of that particular call.

  4. eva said:

    I used to have those dreams–they were terrifying.