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4 Nov 2008

Barack the Vote! Or McCain the Vote If You Must. Not That That Sounds Cool or Anything.

Written by sally @ 1:22 pm — Section: sally

Thank you for weighing in on the great coffee table debate; I am now convinced that that’s not the coffee table for me, but it wasn’t the fingerprint issue. I will tell you what one comment turned the tide for me: the comment that said it looks cheap in person. Done! I was done right then. Larry is now looking for coffee tables online, and has one he really likes, but the corners look exceptionally pointy and we have a cute baby whose face I would like to preserve. So we’ll see. Anyway, thanks again — I can only hope that you all have as strong opinions about the election today as you do about my coffee table choices.

Speaking of the election, I don’t think I have to say “hey you should go vote today”; I think anyone reading this blog probably votes regularly. I care more about the fact that you should go on and vote than I do about who you’re voting for. Unlike SOME SECRETARIES OF STATE (I’m talking to you, Delbert “oh p.s. those voter registration forms you all mailed in? they needed a 72-cent stamp, silly me for not telling you so before” Hosemann), I want every vote to count, not just those votes going toward the dude I want to win. So go vote for John McCain if you really want to! But if you’re a human being, you should probably vote for Obama. Just saying.

As I was walking into my polling place this morning I was thinking about the last two elections and how I had to cry the next day both times. The reason I cried was not because George W. Bush won (or “won”), but because in their concession speeches, both Democratic candidates left their robotic rhetoric behind and became humans. Sad, deflated humans, but humans nonetheless. The difference this year is that Obama has already shown that he is a human, a real, live human with feelings and emotions, and while he is so very cool — the coolest, in fact — I do not doubt that he cares about people. I feel like he’s a good man. I hope he’s our next president.

Oh, and ps:. Mrs. Floon’s sister-in-law saw this vanity tag — on a Mercury Cougar:

One Response to “Barack the Vote! Or McCain the Vote If You Must. Not That That Sounds Cool or Anything.”

  1. poobou said:

    I have a feeling that this election will end with me in tears either way. I’m just praying that they’re tears of joy.