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20 Nov 2009

Baby Food.

Written by sally @ 4:01 pm — Section: sally

Last night my 19-month old baby ate a grilled cheese sandwich, half a piece of bacon, and an apple for dinner. Is that what you’re supposed to feed your baby? Sometimes the stars align and the thing I put in front of him is a) nutritious and b) acceptable to his palate, but other times the floor under his chair gets a better meal than he does. And just because he eats something and seems to enjoy it does not necessarily mean he will eat and enjoy it the next time, mind you. This makes dinnertime stressful for me, and 100% awesome for Lulu, who can hear a banana hit the floor from 4 rooms away while in a deep sleep and dreaming about chasing rabbits.

Spike seems to consistently enjoy the following foods:
baked chicken (the day it is baked, mind you, not left over)
black beans
refried beans
mashed potatoes
pasta with red sauce
all fruits on earth

He will tolerate, on occasion, the following foods:
grilled cheese sandwich
sweet potato fries
peanut butter and jelly sandwich

I’m sure I’m forgetting some stuff, but please note there is nothing green on either list. Larry and I did trick him into chewing on some asparagus the other night, but I think that was the only green vegetable that has passed his lips since the days of jarred baby food. Please note that chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese are not on the list; he will NOT eat them.

What do your kids eat? And how much? Are you satisfied with their diet?

5 Responses to “Baby Food.”

  1. Elizabeth said:

    Gabe’s only stand by staple is a can of fruit cocktail. It is the only thing I can guarantee he will eat in mass quantities. NO MEAT! Oh, and he likes soup–tomato. But there is nothing worse than a 2 year old who insists on feeding himself soup.

  2. Liz said:

    That’s funny because Henry hates grilled cheese, which is mind-boggling to me. He loves cheese, bread, and pizza. How could he not like grilled cheese? But he does not. Here are some things he liked that surprised the hell out of me: falafel, broccoli soup, butternut squash soup, veggie burger, a lemon slice that I gave him as a joke thinking he’d make a funny face, but continued to eat so I had to take it away. He also won’t eat mashed potatoes (!) or veggie chicken nuggets.

  3. sally said:

    I forgot to say that he is fond of all the breakfast foods I rotate: yogurt, oatmeal, waffles, pancakes, etc. It’s dinner that’s a problem.

  4. not amused said:

    damn, this site has gone all mommyblogger.

  5. poobou said:

    Um, guacamole is green. But I know what you mean. The green stuff Catie will eat: broccoli, peas, & creamed spinach. But she often will go several days with no veggies at all. And I ignore it, because the kid eats a ton of whole-grain bread and all kinds of fruit, so I figure she won’t waste away from malnutrition anytime soon.

    Am I satisfied with her diet? No, I think she eats way too much junk. But then, so do most toddlers. I figure that as long as she continues to grow and thrive, I’m not going to stress that much about what she does or doesn’t eat.