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19 Oct 2005


Written by sally @ 8:48 am — Section: Uncategorized

Lulu loves Pete, but last night she was creeping me out with the stalkeresque way she was watching him as he slept.

7 Responses to “Stalkeresque.”

  1. Calla said:

    That is HILARIOUS. And my dog would be the EXACT same way. She loves cats.

  2. J. Bubba Cots said:

    I don’t know if it’s forced perspective or what, but Pete appears to be visibly growing in each picture.

  3. sally said:

    He is growing. It’s tragic.

  4. pinky said:

    i thought that Pete was growing, too! and you’re right, it’s a yooge difference from just a few days ago.

    what are you feeding him? hormones? steroids?

    i half expect lulu to rub her paws together and snicker in a most sinister way.

  5. sally said:

    He is a hog and eats kitten food and whatever crumbs he finds on the kitchen floor or on the dining room table. Of course, I am his enabler as he has a food setup in his room (the guest room) AND the bathroom (this is trickery on my part to get him to hang out with me while I’m in the tub — and it works).

  6. beth said:

    Poor Lulu, dealing with emotions she’s never felt before.

  7. Polly said:

    i bet that dog is rambunctious!