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20 Jan 2011

Are You From Texas?

Written by sally @ 2:18 pm — Section: sally

Take this brief quiz and find out.

1. Place the following items in order of importance.
a. eyeliner
b. Dairy Queen chicken finger basket
c. love
d. sequins

2.What is a roper?
a. kind of boot
b. kind of person who wears the boot
c. one who ropes, duh

3. At a Sonic in Texas, what is likely to be listed under “Local Favorites”?
a. tumbleweed poppers
b. brisket slush
c. deep fried burrito
d. lasso sandwich

4. Bolo ties are an acceptable form of currency.
a. True
b. False

5. Everything is bigger in Texas.
a. True
b. False
c. Your mom is

6. Do you eat country fried steak or chicken fried steak?
a. Country fried
b. Chicken fried

7. Do you eat a corn dog or a corny dog?
a. Corn
b. Corny
c. I don’t eat battered hotdogs on sticks, thanks
d. oh you think you’re so much BETTER than me huh
e. no, I just–
f. save it.

8. How would you communicate to someone that you’re not frightened of a challenge?
a. I’m not afraid.

9. Do you know what a chigger is?
a. No
b. Yes, but I was taught that that kind of language is unacceptable

10. Which is more offensive?
a. Calvin praying
b. Calvin peeing

2 Responses to “Are You From Texas?”

  1. jacob said:

    please update w/ answer key. unsure whether i am from texas or just unspecific redneck.

    nb there must be at least 3 acceptable answers to #7

  2. ap said:

    This is my favorite quiz of all time. And now I want a Dairy Queen chicken finger basket.