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31 May 2012

Are You a Weirdo? Take This Quiz and Find Out!

Written by sally @ 8:41 am — Section: sally

1. You and a gentleman you don’t know both have to pee. You each go into the restrooms of your respective genders. You are done first. When you hear him behind you, you turn around and say:

a) Nothing
b) “I beat you!”

2. You are in an incredibly boring meeting. It is all women and one man. What do you do?

a) Pay attention to the meeting; work is important.
b) Doodle your name on your paper.
c) Try to figure out the man’s sexual orientation.

3. In the meeting, the light directly over your head turns off. What do you say?

a) Nothing; I’m paying attention to the meeting because work is important, remember?
b) Nothing, but I make a face and laugh a little.
c) “Oh, damn. I just lost an idea.”

4. During the meeting, when you say something you didn’t think was weird at all, what does your supervisor do?

a) Nothing; she agrees that it wasn’t weird.
b) Nothing, but she cringes a little.
c) Shakes her head and mouths, “Don’t say that” at you.

5. Did you discover that your high school yearbooks are included in a genealogical database and have you printed out a picture of that guy you had a crush on for 20 years when he was dressed in his cheerleader uniform and taped it to the wall of your office?

a) No.
b) Yes.

6 Responses to “Are You a Weirdo? Take This Quiz and Find Out!”

  1. Sara Leah said:

    How do I score this? Or should I? Because I have the feeling that I might just be a weirdo.

  2. widepanic said:

    3c: brilliant

  3. ap said:

    You’re my kind of weirdo, Sally J. Nordan!

  4. Sally said:

    Thanks, ap! And Sara Leah: no need to score. I’m on to you.

  5. Mix said:

    So the underlying message of this quiz is that work is important, right?

  6. poobou said:

    Pretty sure I’d qualify as a weirdo, yes.