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10 Feb 2012

Archie Butt.

Written by sally @ 3:51 pm — Section: sally

1. It’s cool if I lazily rely on a list to write blog posts, right?
2. You’ll be happy to know I received my wedding invite a few days after I wrote that last post.
4. And I finished The Night Circus! It was delightful. I liked it a lot. Something prevents me from loving it, but I’m not sure what.
5. Yesterday I saw a book on the shelf by someone named Archie Butt. Butt! One butt. I’ve already laughed my way through Butts as a last name; I’ve just never seen the singular form. Old Archie Butt! What a chap!

6. If you’re thinking “hey those are cute tights” about the tights-clad leg in the background, don’t be. While they look normal, they have a major problem: they’re the type of tights that have a definite front and back — the feet have a toe and heel, unlike some tights that just go straight down — and the crotch is sewn in wrong. The crotch is in the back. All day yesterday I had a crotch on my butt.
7. Butt!
8. Internet, I’ve told you, I’m sure, about my fascination with the word “butt” and how at the tender age of four, I would draw pictures of butts and hide them behind the couch in the formal living room because I thought if I put them in the trash my mom would find them? Just checking.
9. In case you’re wondering: draw a circle. Now draw a vertical line through it. That was my version of a butt.
10. Also that is my tattoo.

One Response to “Archie Butt.”

  1. poobou said:

    I despise tights that have the toe and heel instead of going straight down. So many times I’ve bought seemingly-normal tights only to find the built-in feeties when I opened them. Dammit!

    Glad you got your invitation. I wasn’t worried, but I do appreciate the closure to the story.