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27 Oct 2005


Written by sally @ 1:03 pm — Section: sally

Not Terribly Funny or Interesting Notes on Last Night’s Top Model:

• The girls must go through an obstacle course where they jump over things and crawl through mud. Lisa (crazy) loves this and is scootching around like a pig in a sty. Nicole whines a lot and claims she is going to barf.

And then something awesome happened. Nik’s pants kept falling down as she jumped over things, and they had to blur out her crack, and I have not laughed out loud at others’ misfortune like that in a long time. Man, it felt good.

• Nicole looks like a baby version of Geena Davis.

• Jay to Nik: “Don’t forget your legs — they’re just hanging there like a Muppet.”

• Jayla: “I’m excited about [posing with a Ford Fusion] because it’s something I’m familiar with. I feel like I have an edge.” Y’all: Jayla is familiar with cars.

• The challenge at the elimination is to “visually express what sexy means.” While this would be my personal nightmare, I am delighted to see that everyone besides Jayla reigns in their inner hootchies and looks decent. Jayla looks, according to my notes, like a “Miami whore.” I can’t believe I thought she was pretty before. Her horrible smile is ruining everything for me.

• Bre pronounces “corset” like “Corvette”: cor-sette.

• Speaking of Bre, the guest judge told her that “this could be your epiphany” (I can’t remember what it was she just said), and she gave him a dirty look, like this could be my what? Oh, no you didn’t!

• Twiggy: Oh, this photograph is wonderful. The eyes go right through me.
Ms. J. Alexander: The eyes go through me…like a bag of prunes.

2 Responses to “NTFINLNTM.”

  1. gorjus said:

    Um. That might be how I say “corset,” too.

    I love that she doesn’t just look like a whore. She looks like a MIAMI whore, which is apparently much more egregious!

  2. Prof. Fury said:

    I get the sense that they’re just waiting on Lisa to do something really poorly so they can kick her off, but she keeps doing well, and now they’re in a we’ve-created-a-monster situation. My advice: torches and pitchforks.