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1 Apr 2014

Answers PLUS Spotted Dick.

Written by sally @ 11:31 am — Section: sally

• The answers to last week’s quiz are: Tammy Wynette, E-Z Corn Dogs, and all of the above. While E-Z Corn Dogs may not be glamorous, trust that the recipe instructs the reader to “wipe wieners off well,” which is, of course, what kept Tammy’s relationship with George Jones so spicy.

• Spike is starting to read, and lo, it is magical. What I find even more magical is that he is starting to write. While he’s always been fond of putting letters together, now that he is armed with real language, he’s better able to express himself. Like when he’s angry, he can write me a note that says “YOU ARE A LIAR” instead of just writing my name on a piece of paper and then crossing it out. It’s probably wrong that I cherish these angry notes, but I can’t help but be proud!

• Oh, you know how every time you’re on the international aisle of the grocery store you see the can of Spotted Dick and you laugh? I bought one last December and brought it to a party.

sp in can

It’s…a cake in a can. You boil some water, put the can in the pan, and after the allotted time has passed, voila! Canned cake!

sp whole

It was actually kind of good, and let’s be honest: the jokes write themselves.

sp eaten

3 Responses to “Answers PLUS Spotted Dick.”

  1. poobou said:

    Awww, bummed it wasn’t Crystal Gayle, but wiping wieners is pretty great.

    I actually had spotted dick that my MIL made. Or maybe she bought the kind in a can, I don’t remember. It was ok. The name is just hysterically bad.

  2. mix said:

    I like: the disembodied handful of spotted dick AND the inconspicuous teapot selfies in the above pictures!

  3. ap said:

    I want to flip through the Spike’s Notes Scrapbook in twenty years!