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1 Oct 2010

And I…Should Take the Road More Traveled By.

Written by sally @ 1:23 pm — Section: sally

From the work parking lot, there are two routes: via pavement and via the woods. It’s all pine straw and dirt and grass and leaves, and while I used to disdain the woods-walkers, I find myself going that way more often. Yesterday I was headed to the building and a giant stick (giant = 3″ long) fell into my sensible loafer. I then dumbly stopped and took my shoe off to get the stick out, but forgot I am wobbly and not a good balancer, so I had to put my bare foot on the ground. The dirty, pine-strawy, leafy ground. Then I had dirt and leaves stuck to the bottom of my foot because it was sweaty up in them loafers, and I stood on one foot again and scraped the leaves onto my pant leg with my other foot. Then I got to my office, took off my shoe, dumped three MORE leaves out of it, and went on my way. Last night after my shower I saw one leaf on my bathmat and another one in the tub.

I could not have created a better booby trap for myself. You win, mother nature!

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