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27 Dec 2006

An Actual Post!

Written by sally @ 12:12 pm — Section: sally

Today is actually the 27th! And I am at work! And hardly anyone else is here! And therefore I am quite unproductive.

The holidays in general were happy and festive, and I got a ton of loot. My mother makes the best dressing in the world, and before we left she fixed us up an insulated bag of awesome, which included an entire pan of dressing, a whole baked chicken, mashed potatoes, 4,000 cookies, and one ton of peanut butter fudge. Also, a package of bologna and some bacon. (I think she was cleaning out the fridge.)

I am kicking myself for not requesting the rest of this week off, but being at work today is almost like being at home, except I am sitting upright at my desk and not horizontally on the couch. I think I could probably bring a television up here tomorrow and no one would notice. No one would notice because no one is here to notice.

In closing, before I get back to reading every word of the internet, here is what’s written on a post-it affixed to my computer:

“Them old crabcakes ain’t doing nothing but being crabby.”

2 Responses to “An Actual Post!”

  1. poobou said:

    My mom left a batch of her Awesome Dressing in my freezer before she left. I’m still working on the huuuge pan of it she made for Christmas, but at the rate I’m going, it won’t last the day.

    Mmmm… crabcakes sound good now too.

  2. liz said:

    I thought work wouldn’t be busy this week, but I was wrong. Wrooong.

    I could go for some peanut butter fudge, though.