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14 Nov 2008

A Story About a Crazy.

Written by sally @ 2:38 pm — Section: Uncategorized

So say you know some crazy people, certifiably crazy people, and daily they tell you stories. You listen, you say “uh-huh,” you try not to get sucked in, but sometimes you slip and have to ask follow up questions and then you feel stupid for even believing a shred of the story. However, you believe that even the weirdest of lies/stories has at least some particle of truth to it. After you talk to the crazy people you discuss what they said with your friend. You argue over which parts could possibly be true. You feel bad betting money on their situations so you bet a pan of brownies instead.

So the day comes when one of your crazy people tells you something that officially Is Not True, Cannot Be True. And you tell your crazy, “I’m sorry. I don’t believe that. I can’t listen to your stories anymore.” And while you think to yourself, finally! I am free of my crazy! later on you start to think, oh shit. What if the crazy has a psychotic break because you called her out on this not being true? You will fret about this but will go to bed with ease, but when the baby wakes you up at 4:41 this morning you will think of your crazy and hope she is ok.

The next day the words gee I hope old crazypants is ok today will have just come out of your mouth and will still be hanging in the air above your head when the phone will ring again. It will be your crazy. She will still be crazy. Her story will still be made up. Bursting her bubble won’t have done a damn thing because her bubble will also be crazy. All will be well.

And you’ll be getting those brownies.

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