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20 Nov 2007

A Phone Conversation.

Written by sally @ 10:14 am — Section: sally

Gorjus (driving): Here’s a license plate for you.
Sally: Ok.
Gorjus: You know, “sweetpea” is a cute word. It’s appropriate for a tag.
Sally: Yes.
Gorjus: But not if you spell it PEE.
Sally: What! Sweet pee? How is “sweet” spelled?
Gorjus: S-w-t.
Sally: SWT PEE? Maybe that’s not sweet pee. Maybe it’s sweat pee.
Gorjus: Maybe the guy works in a lab and deals with fluids.
Sally: It’s like Lust, Caution. Sweat, pee.

2 Responses to “A Phone Conversation.”

  1. poobou said:


  2. Polly said:

    Have you seen that big Silver Mercedes with the “Mr. Blow” tag? creezus!