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4 Dec 2008

A Follow-Up.

Written by sally @ 12:31 pm — Section: sally

In the spirit of this, here are more things you can do on your lunch hour (+7 minute extra grace period) if you live in a town the size of Jackson:

1. Go to Sam’s and buy formula.
2. Eat at Chick-fil-a (sit down and eat and everything!).
3. Go to mall and pay department store bill.

Note: I love having a department store credit card. It’s the only credit card I actively use; somehow it makes me feel like a little old lady, but in a good way. Unlike my outfit today.

Thanks, small town masquerading as the capital city!

2 Responses to “A Follow-Up.”

  1. Lula said:

    I too use a Belk card with frequency!

  2. Ruby said:

    I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed that you accomplished this during Christmas shopping season. Sally, you are super awesome!