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22 Aug 2005

Weekend Recap # 1,000,000.

Written by sally @ 9:34 am — Section: sally

It’s Monday morning, so here’s the non-scoop of what’s been going on.

Friday night we ate cheese with gorjus. Some was too stinky to eat, so I put it in his microwave so we could breathe without gagging. All the way home I laughed imagining gorjus opening his microwave the next day.

Saturday morning at the hardware store, Larry and I bickered over the very important subject of drawer handles for a dresser. Sample conversation:

Him: Do you like this one?
Me: No. That one makes my soul die.
Him: Ohhhh-kay. What about this one?
Me: That one? Makes my heart turn black and shrivel up.


Naturally, we did not purchase any drawer handles.

Later, I tried to nap but ended up watching Autopsy instead — this special episode showed an actual autopsy in between the stories. Listen, I have a large appetite for gross bodily things. I used to be a medical editor, and I squealed with delight at the pictures that came in (I really loved the dermatological pictures — so much so that I still have some of them), so I was excited to watch a real autopsy. I was ok through the whole sawing through the breastbone, and even through the electric saw on the skull action. What I was not prepared for: watching Dr. Baden ladle out the stomach contests with a ladle. I will spare you the description of the stomach contents. DEAR LORD.

Sunday morning I watched Closer. Huh. Weird. I guess I liked it, although I didn’t quite understand Natalie Portman’s character’s motivations. Everyone else made sense, especially Clive Owen. I don’t really think either one of them necessarily needed to be nominated for an Oscar, but hey.

Then we went to lunch with gorjus, where he overheard this conversation at the next table:

Lady at table: Oh, hey, darlin’! We haven’t seen you here in awhile!
Server: Oh, yeah, well, my sister committed suicide, so I took some time off.


And last night was the last Six Feet Under. I don’t really have anything to say about it, except I thought that the ending was perfect and great and that I can’t believe they actually allowed us to experience closure. I’ve already said a hundred times that the writers know their characters well, and I’m just getting redundant here: but the part where Billy tells Ted that he’s jealous of him, and grasps the neck of his beer bottle? Oh, it was one of those I-love-this-show moments. And seeing Ruth make some decisions, and seeing Claire leave, and little baby Willa being healthy and adorable and much cuter than Maya. . . it was a nice ending. Bye, Fishers.

5 Responses to “Weekend Recap # 1,000,000.”

  1. gorjus said:

    Dear Sally,

    I had to empty half a bottle of “Springtime Fresh” Lysol into my microwave.


  2. tomgost said:


  3. sally said:

    I was wondering how to spell that. Brenda’s mother is so hilarious and awful.

  4. Calla said:

    I thought that the 6FU finale was wonderful. I want to see it again and again and again, or at least the montage of death scenes. Brenda’s second husband? Hot. Also, did one of David and Keith’s sons turn out to be gay? And I wonder where Lawyer Ted was between now and Ruth’s funeral, where he was reunited (right?) with Claire? What a great fucking ten minutes of television.

  5. sally said:

    I rewound it and watched the end again right away because I wanted to see how old everybody was when they died. It was very satisfying. And yeah: they did reunite at Ruth’s funeral (20 years from now).

    I just re-read her obit, and Ted’s last name? Fairwell.