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17 Aug 2005

Wednesday TV Tidbittery.

Written by sally @ 1:09 pm — Section: sally

Some tv and movie notes from the past week or so.

1. 6FU.
I don’t even really want to talk about the fact that Sunday is the last episode ever of Six Feet Under; it’s too sad. I mean, I’m not going to go to Six Feet Under conventions and dress as Ruth or anything, although the idea of that is pure delight, but man. It’s just more than your average tv show. Those writers are. just. so. good at what they do.

2. The Office special.
I watched the The Office‘s reunion special thingie last weekend, the one that takes place 6 months after the original “documentary” ended. Um. It was awesome. Everybody’s plot turned out sort of…happy, but not in a dumb way. Note: I love Tim.

3. Shaun of the Dead.
Delightful and zombirific. Best: at the end, Chris Martin and some other dude from Coldplay are being interviewed about the upcoming Zombaid benefit concert. Oh: and Dawn from The Office is in it. Special treat for Starkvillians past and present: the sidekick guy? Looks like a yucky-toothed version of John the Baptist — you know, the guy we know who drank a bottle of ketchup at ceo’s urging. And won the pork-n-bean eating contest. And um, ate some dimes. And flowers.

4. A Very Long Engagement.
Oh my god. Did you see Amelie? Did you love it? Meet its more pensive sibling, A Very Long Engagement. The same director, the same lovely Audrey Tautou, the same delightful cramming in of detail. Very, very sweet and perfect in every way. Lulu especially liked the part where the aunt said, “Doggie fart gladdens my heart.”

5. The Golden Bowl.
I didn’t even know there was a movie version of this Henry James book until I saw it on the tv guide. That’s weird because it’s a Merchant-Ivory movie and stars Uma Thurman, Kate Beckinsale, and Nick Nolte. I am down with all of those details. But hey, you know why I didn’t know there was a movie? Because it stinks. It stinks, oh how it stinks, Uma stinks, Nick stinks, Kate stinks (no stretch there for stinky Kate), everybody stinks. STINK. Uma is awesome at wearing yellow jumpsuits and slashing people with Hattori Hanzo swords. She is not awesome at delivering coquettish dialogue. She is horrible.

6. Lost.
Larry and I have been faithfully catching up on Lost this summer. And then ABC, those rat bastards, skipped an episode. Ok, I got over it. Then they skipped two more episodes. Oh no, they di’int. Now I’m pissed, so I read all the recaps on Television without Pity and now I know everything in case ABC pulls a fast one on me again, which they will. Rat bastards.

7. The 70s House.
Last night it redeemed itself by making the kids in the house try to get people at the mall to Jazzercise and hustle with them. Next week, it will get even better: the kids have to compete in a singing and songwriting competition — 70s style!

Tonight: So You Think You Can Dance? is on tonight, as is Lost — whichever nonsequential episode they decide to grace us with.

24 Responses to “Wednesday TV Tidbittery.”

  1. beth said:

    DUDE we have been catching up on Lost, too, having never watched it once during its original run. And when they skipped that first episode I WAS SO ANGRY but now you’ve got me thinking I missed something… because I don’t remember them skipping two more. Hm. I’ll have to look into that.

  2. sally said:

    Yeah, the one this last week skipped two ahead. I felt all guilty because I cheated and read two ahead. I confessed to Larry last Wednesday, and then we turned on the tv and I was up to speed and he was in the dark.

    And you know, it’s not the kind of show where each episode REVEALS SOMETHING HUGE ABOUT A CHARACTER, so it makes perfect sense to skip ahead.

  3. beth said:

    Sally, I have been reading recaps and THANK YOU SO MUCH for alerting me to this. I knew things were weird last week, but I didn’t quite pick up on the whole missing two weeks things. Everything is becoming clearer.

  4. Frenchie said:

    Did you watch So You Think You Can Dance? I’m glad they finally, like, let them actually dance. I especially enjoyed spiky-haired Ryan’s mambo transformación. But that host girl — she has the most frightening, Joker-esque, overly botoxed face. I found myself turning away during interview segments. Scary!!

  5. sally said:

    Sadly, our power went out at 7:39 last night and stayed off until 10:30. I am pissed.

  6. liz said:

    Sally, I was thinking of you again when I caught bits of Tommy Lee Goes to College. Which, by the way? Is baffling beyond belief. Baffling I tell you. I don’t THINK it’s good, but I just don’t know. There was an awful pretty tutor/ugly (i.e. normal looking) tutor thing that I hated, but then there was Tommy trying out earnestly for the drumline, which was entertaining.

  7. pinky said:

    OH,OH, OH!! we were tlaking about her Joker face, too! She is really wierd looking. And I loooooved the mambo dance. They did so good!! They really did look like a professional dance couple. I think my least favorite is Jonnis..what the hell was that dance he did at the end? And then that little “call me” sign, yuck-o.

  8. Calla said:

    Ryan was fabulous. I didn’t know he had it in him! His partner just sort of faded into the background b/c his performance was so entertaining!

    And, pinky, I think I almost threw up when Jonnis was doing those telephone hand motions. Dear Contestants: We know how to use the phone; when it comes to voting for you, we may just choose not to. Love, America

    Finally, the two foreigners are creepy to me. Especially Snow. What was with the feathered gown and wrestling shoes???

  9. Lonster said:

    I miss gclark

  10. Snow said:

    Why do Americaners mock the featherness of my gown, and my elaborate wrestleshoes? There is no need for such hatreds. We are all brothers and sisters–OF THE DANCE.

  11. randy said:

    I saw the tutor bit on Tommy Lee- honestly, I thought there was very little difference in the appearance of the two tutors. Different, but one was not obviously much more attractive than another from my perspective.

  12. tomgost said:

    kate beckinsdale is da bomb, yo. and uma is like some sort of gift from on high of which no bipedal meat sack will ever be worthy. i’ve endured some pretty crappy movies just to eyeball both of them, but that golden bowl movie was insufferable. if you’re really looking for something fun to watch, check out “love me if you dare.” it’s franch or some such thing that you have to read to understand, but the end made me bawl like a wee little girl. it was that forking pungent. i mean pointy. whatever…

    hookers rule!

  13. pinky said:

    Snow looks like a Christina Agui-whatever wannabe. The Latin guy, Artem, he’s okay at dancing, his face is so-so, but you do have to admit, he’s got a pretty good body on him.

  14. sally said:

    I was only half through the Golden Bowl when I wrote my scathing commentary. I watched the rest yesterday afternoon, and had I not finished it, I would’ve missed the worst moment of Uma’s acting career, where she, trembling, places her hand over her eyes as if to say “I can take no more!” I also thought her hotness quotient went down a bit. Sister needs some eye makeup. Kate Beckinsale was still hot, though. What a loser of a movie.

  15. sally said:

    Oh: and at first glance, my friend Meg’s brother thought it was called “The Golden Bowel.” I would’ve preferred that, I think.

  16. Federico Diaz said:

    Lonster, not to be a dick or anything (not that that stopped you), but, I mean, if you don’t like theohreally, you don’t actually have to read it.

    As for me, I think Sally fucking rocks.

  17. sally said:


  18. tomgost said:

    wholly coq, i mean cow…

    if lonster actually said anything bad about sally, i know where he lives and i’ll go surreptitiously pee on each of his trees nightly until they all die. for the life of me though, in reading and re-reading his post i’m unable to find where he actually dissed her.

  19. David Fisher said:

    I’m going to have to agree with Rico; it sounded to me like Lonster was lamenting the absence of gclark because he hates the talk of television and similar high-brow things.

    And Sally, while we’ll miss you, too, there are always the DVDs.

  20. Sally said:

    Children, please! Perhaps Lonster really does miss gclark — and don’t we all? I think it was the placement of his yearning for gclark that the 6FU cast found offensive…you know, among talk about tv shows.

    Let’s all make up now by holding hands over the internet.

  21. Lonster said:

    Geez…..I read and enjoy Sally everyday, and have since her very 1st post on theohreally. Perhaps in the future I’ll juxtapose my longings with more tact.

  22. Maya Fisher said:


  23. tomgost said:

    no wonder they decided to wrap up the show. sounds like the talent is getting incredibly thenthitive, not to mention reactionary.

  24. gclark said:

    01. Matt Pond PA – KC (2:53)
    02. Crowded House – Recurring Dream (3:24)
    03. The Format – Let’s Make This Moment a Crime (4:26)
    04. Brandtson – Mexico (3:40)
    05. Ordinary Boys – Maybe Someday (2:18)
    06. The Wedding Present – Ringway to Seatac (2:41)
    07. Ian Moore – April (3:05)
    08. The Divorce – The Man Moan (2:50)
    09. Doves – Black And White Town (4:15)
    10. Athlete – If I Found Out (5:04)
    11. The Cure – Cut Here (4:10)
    12. Alkaline Trio – Stupid Kid (2:23)
    13. The Get Up Kids – Stay Gone (3:04)
    14. Number One Fan – The Prettiest Sin (5:00)
    15. Feeder – Pushing The Senses (3:28)
    16. Ambulance LTD – Heavy Lifting (3:32)
    17. New Order – Waiting For The Sirens’ Call (5:42)
    18. Ashtray Babyhead – Banana Seat (2:56)
    19. Grandaddy – The Crystal Lake (5:00)
    20. Golden Smog – Until You Came Along (4:59)