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13 Aug 2005

How Lulu Spent Her Saturday Morning.

Written by sally @ 11:05 am — Section: sally

4 Responses to “How Lulu Spent Her Saturday Morning.”

  1. gclark said:

    oh. how. cute.

  2. jp! said:

    crap! is your dog sick?!

  3. site admin said:

    She’s snoozing and enjoying the rare treat of getting up in the bed–Saturday is sheet-changing day, so Her Dirtiness can wallow and roll as much as she pleases.

  4. larry ferrari said:

    Yeah, Lulu pushed me off the bed, and I had to go lay on the couch. She is a 70-lb bedhog. She also likes to play a game where she tries to put all of your head in her mouth. That is usually the last straw before she has to get off the bed, and you have to take a shower.

    Special note: The site admin let Lulu get in the bed this morning too, and there were clean sheets on the bed! That makes for a pretty damn special (read: spoiled) dog. Of course, this is not to imply that Sally, I mean the site admin, is the only one guilty of spoiling her.

    Damn, if the REALLY dirty dog can guilt us into getting into our bed with us…sigh…we don’t stand a chance with a kid.