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15 Aug 2005

Last Chance v. Coila.

Written by sally @ 8:09 am — Section: sally

I came across the names of some now-defunct Mississippi towns Friday afternoon. Some of the good ones:

Anti Bank
High School
China Bluff
Toby Tubby’s Ferry
Owl Hoot
Hell’s Half-Acre
Kidd’s Tavern
Last Chance
Ticky Bin
Cuddy Hunk
Good’s Tan Yard
Pigeon Roost
Lick Skillet

These are all so good in various ways. I am leaning towards Ticky Bin and Cuddy Hunk for future cat names, although High School would also be nice.

What I love is that the good people of Last Chance were in mortal battle with the good people of Coila for the honor of having the post office in their village. Here is the history of the post office:

Post office established as Last Chance on December 13, 1845
Name changed to Coila on August 16, 1849
Name changed to Last Chance on October 19, 1853
Name changed to Coila on May 3, 1854
Name changed to Last Chance on February 2, 1858
Discontinued on January 25, 1867
Coila was re-established on June 7, 1888

Ha! Victory in Coila! I hope there was a party.

(History of Coila from A Postal History of Mississippi: Stampless Period 1799-1860 by Bruce C. Oakley, Jr, Volume II, page 413; place names from that book and Hometown, Mississippi by James F. Brieger.)

16 Responses to “Last Chance v. Coila.”

  1. randy said:

    I like Owl Hoot- sounds like something off of the Dukes of Hazzard. Bessie and Content just seem a bit too normal to me.

  2. Prof. Fury said:

    Man! These are great. Would be interested to know where some of these defunct cities are. Were.

  3. sally said:

    I have that info at my fingertips if you really want to know; lemmee know which ones you’re interested in.

    –Sally Nordan
    Eulogy, MS

  4. Grampy said:

    There’s a ’20s-’30s era gas station building in Coila (on Hwy 49W on the way to Indianola, I think) that’s straight out of a Walker Evans photo.

  5. Prof. Fury said:

    Well, I’d be interested to know about Anti Bank, Hell’s Half Acre, and Prismatic.

  6. sally said:

    Antibank was three miles NE of Edwards in Hinds County, formed in 1836 and extinctified in 1881. Prismatic might still be around–16 miles north of Meridian. And Hell’s Half Acre was renamed Homewood, which is 9 miles north of Forest.

  7. poobou said:

    Prismatic reminds me of that hair color commercial the Beyonce did.

    Of course, there are still some awesome town names in Mississippi to this day. Most of my dad’s relatives live in Zero. I’m not kidding.

  8. poobou said:

    And Sally, there is discussion of you on my blog, if you’re interested.

  9. herman rarebell said:

    didn’t the pogues have a song entitled “hell’s half acre”?

  10. gorjus said:

    “Extinctified”? Somebody’s rowdying it up!!

    “High School” is just, so good.

  11. jp! said:

    best thing i’ve read all year. i’m gonna have to copy these!

  12. vendela said:

    lick skillet!

  13. kicker of elves said:

    Isn’t Buckatunna a current town in MS? Maybe it’s in AL, though. I like that one.

  14. RD said:

    The Blood Oranges has a song called “Hell’s Half Acre” too.

  15. The Librarian said:

    Buckatunna is located in Wayne County, Mississippi, a few miles south of Waynesboro on US 45. I also sometimes drive through Hot Coffee when traveling between Jackson & Laurel.

  16. corie said:

    I like High School, though it must have been confusing for the little ones to attend High School Elementary School.