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12 Aug 2005

A List.

Written by sally @ 9:48 am — Section: sally

Reasons Today Is Not Awful
A list by Sally J. Nordan

1. I finished The Best of Everything last night. Man! I can’t wait to rent the movie.

2. Tonight Larry and I are going to Cinqo de Mayo, the absolutely most delicious Mexican food place in town. This morning we started talking about it and got giddy with the thought of creamy margaritas (not the mostly ice kind we’re used to) and handmade foodstuffs.

3. This makes me a horrible, awful person. . . but the [deleted].

4. I have new jeans on today. They are awesome. They are not momjeanish, they are not faded, they do not have a tiny hole that became a huge, George Michael-singing-“Faith”-era hole when I put my foot through it, and they are not too tight. It feels like the first day of school. Bonus: I am wearing red shoes, too.

5. Did I mention that the [deleted].

6. I have taken on an additional project at work in which I must call people and ask them for things that I don’t know anything about. I have been fretting about this all week, and a moment ago I sucked it up, called a lady, and it turned out she knew exactly what was going on. Relief! The bonus part of this project, and my real motivation for taking it on, is that I get to go to DC in September, and I have done a woefully small amount of traveling in my day. Washington DC! It’s the greatest place to be / It’s not the cherries everywhere in bloom / It’s not the way they put folks on the moon, no no no.

7. I’m going to have something published at McSweeney’s. Not sure when — apparently there is a backlog of the thing I wrote — but that doesn’t really matter. Woot!

8. I had a fight with a bottle of Febreeze the other night, which resulted in a chunk of my skin getting peeled off. While I was initially angry at the Febreeze-bottle-makers for making the spray nozzle so fucking impossible to turn on, the um, scab I have on my hand is kind of shaped like a tiny heart. It’s actually kind of cute.

9 Responses to “A List.”

  1. J. Bubba Cots said:

    You have a heart-shaped scab?

    Is that a Nirvana song?

  2. gorjus said:

    YAY!! The idea that the Doag is crying in her cube? Just made MY day!

    I mite be a bad person. And, McSweeney’s! And, D.C.! Everything’s turning up Sally!

  3. abby said:

    What is in a creamy margarita? It sounds scary.

  4. beth said:

    What a wonderful day! Congrats! McSweeney’s and DC. Almost too much good news to bear! And red shoes!

  5. sally said:

    I have no idea what makes the margaritas sweet and creamy–they’re just not as tart and icy as normal margaritas. Could it be…love?

    Update: DL has stopped crying.

  6. Prof. Fury said:

    Congrats on the McSweeneys thing! And maybe if you said something mean to the DL, you could get her going again.

  7. liz said:

    ooooh, I need a margarita, too! I’ll meet you there, k?

  8. sally said:

    Sure! I’ll be the drunk one with the new jeans and the red shoes.

  9. kicker of elves said:

    Oh! A Mag Fields riff! Rapture!