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12 Aug 2005


Written by sally @ 7:09 am — Section: sally

It’s still up for grabs, since it rained again and my Chinese pompom’s head is still hung in shame, but at least you can see it now.

The closed spaghetti petals of the Chinese pompom after a heavy rain

The incongruous plant, shown here complete with Chinese pompom bloom, strange ropy root thing, new begonia-esque flower, and general weirdness

3 Responses to “Flower…Revealed!”

  1. Lonster said:

    The small juicy leaved plant is just a plain old jade plant.
    The long leaved dude with a flower is kinda like a huge mutant christmas cactus.
    They’re both flowering now because they recently moved and are scared they might die.

  2. sally said:

    Thanks for the, uh, interpretation!

  3. KH said:

    Would you please take a close-up of the incongrous plant? Also the leaves of the droopy flower? In this shot, some of the leaves certainly do resemble a christmas cactus.

    I concur with the flowering; stressed plants always flower so that they may further their lineage before dying. They can be so fatalistic in spite of their obvious verdancy!