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11 Aug 2005

Chinese Pompom? Or Mediterranean Chacha?

Written by sally @ 8:17 am — Section: sally

I am not a plant person; I like them, but I have no idea how much to water and when, and they always die. I managed to keep one plant alive for two years once, and then I moved from Missouri to Alabama with it and it died in the heat of the car. It would break my grandmother’s heart if she knew my dark secret. She knew so much about plants and trees; I always thought it was amazing that she could identify crops and trees we were passing in the car.

So our friends Jamie and Bethany moved away a few weeks ago, and they had tons of plants that they were giving away. I took the three weirdest, saddest, most Charlie Brown Christmas tree plants they had: an aloe vera from hell, a little palm tree looking guy with scoliosis, and a plant I can honestly say I have never seen before.

It has round, happy-looking leaves on most of its [stems? arms? whatever], but then occasionally there are some long, straight leaves popping out of the pot. There are also some strange rope-like branches, one of which curls around and returns to where it began. One shoots out a few feet on one side. Awww, poor guy. It was weird enough as it is.

When I opened the door and looked at it this afternoon, a whole new arm had grown out of the other side, maybe three feet long, and there was a huge, strange, powder-puff looking flower dangling off of it. The flower is way too heavy for the branch, and so it hangs down and touches the bricks of the porch. The flower has long, bean sprout petals and is white with pink edges. It would be pretty if the whole scene wasn’t so incongruous.

I tried to take some pictures with my digital camera, but the batteries were dead. So I put new batteries in, and um, apparently when I attempted to charge them last I put them on the charger but then apparently forgot to plug the charger in. So I started digging around for my little iZone camera, you know, the totally useless Polaroid that takes tiny one-inch pictures that are also stickers once you cut the edges off, and so I took a couple of pictures with that:

Yeah. You can’t tell much of what’s going on in those, although you sort of get the idea. I also drew a picture on the back of an envelope, hoping for clarity:

Any guesses what the hell kind of plant this is? I have the feeling that it’s several who are cohabitating together. The flower, though, is very cool, and I would like to be able to brag and say, oh yes, I love plants, I even have a Chinese pompom/Mediterranean chacha blooming right now.

In other news, while I had my hot iZone camera out, I took this picture of Lulu. Well, first, I set her on fire, and then I took a picture of her.

Doesn’t it sort of look like those gold things below her are her burned up feet? That’s the magic of the iZone for you.

19 Responses to “Chinese Pompom? Or Mediterranean Chacha?”

  1. gclark said:

    dat dog’s eyes is weeyud. she got devil eyes.

  2. gorjus said:

    Oh!! Those plants, man–I couldn’t handle it! They were weird, though.

    And, I like that iZone. Blown up you can almost tell what’s going on!

  3. sally said:

    She had just been set on fire, what do you expect?

  4. abby said:

    Could it maybe be a hoya? There are lots of different types and that flower looks about right. They are succulents (fleshy, related to cacti but need more water). Do a google image search. /plant geek

  5. sally said:

    It wasn’t a hoya, at least not according to the google. The petals look like spaghetti. Does this help?

    I just looked at some flower books, and it seems to be in the protea family…except it’s spaghettier.

  6. ap said:

    I think you’ve got yourself some Seussian vegetation. Escapees from the Lorax, perhaps.

    p.s. I love your handwriting.

  7. beth said:

    he he he he you make me laugh lady.
    I can help you not at all.

  8. liz said:

    The decorations around those photos are killing me! Heart, star, moon…glasses…cube…woman symbol…crown

  9. sally said:

    Later today when I take a picture with a normal camera and post it, we will all be disappointed when it turns out to be something exotic like “daisy.”

    Oh! But look, this is very similar! Mine had its head hung from the torrential rains we had earlier in the day:


  10. sally said:

    Liz: you cut off those decorative edges and then the picture becomes a sticker. That’s the thing you yank through the camera, Polaroid-style. The iZone, she is complex.

  11. ceo said:

    If you prick your figure next to it, does it smack its lips provacatively?

  12. RD said:

    Yo! Check out my mom’s dahlia page–you never know.

  13. sally said:

    Aha! Orchid Lace!

  14. herman rarebell said:

    are you sure that’s a flower? it kind of looks like a raw chicken.

  15. corie said:

    Maybe you should ask Poochella, the last poster on that forum. Poochella. Ha ha. Poochella. Poochella.

  16. sally said:


  17. corie said:


  18. corie said:

    gak. sorry.


  19. KH said:

    Whoah. RD’s comment completely faked me out. Witness the confusion:


    Could these twin inns be farther apart in the continental US? A little, I guess.