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9 Aug 2005

Noms de Hilarity.

Written by sally @ 12:41 pm — Section: sally

Briefly, three names I have come across today at work:

Joe Askew
Charles Larry Wax
Jacques de Cock

20 Responses to “Noms de Hilarity.”

  1. lucy said:

    Surely, one or more of these are joke names, yes?

  2. sally said:

    No. Mr. de Cock was a Flemish sculptor (1631-1665).

  3. poobou said:

    There’s a guy I work with, who’s name I won’t write here because I don’t want to get fired. But his last name is pronounced like “cock” and his first name sounds like “honor”. So yeah. Honor-cock. Sort of a distant bastard cousin of Braveheart or something.

  4. RD said:

    or the Tom Cruise character in Magnolia!

  5. lucy said:

    I kind of wish my last name was Askew.

  6. beth said:

    or not. Someone with the last name Askew murdered our local city councilman last year.

  7. sally said:


  8. Lonster said:

    There’s someone here at work named “Eric Hunt”. It appears to be innocuous, but when you get a good’ol redneck security guard paging this guy and saying his name 3 times in a row……. well, you’ll figure it out.

  9. the diplomat said:

    according to anywho, in jackson alone there are 3 askews: donald, dan and fran. dan askew actually lives on askew ferry road. and while we’re swimming upstream desperately trying to hold our heads up above all these rhymes, double entendres, funny homonyms (pardon the pun), and, now, mixed metaphors, allow me to point out the fact that when I die and go to Heaven I hope St. Peter hands me the keys to a little pastel-colored nantucket-style cottage on askew ferry road.

  10. bulb said:

    Florida had a famous governor in the 1970s named Reuben Askew (emphasis on first syllable so think British Butt Lineup not poorly hung picture).

  11. jaysus said:

    good friend in high school – last name askew. pronounced like the floridian guvnah. “ASK you.”

  12. sweetbess said:

    i don’t know who you are, but i read a couple of your entries and they absolutely crack me up… you should write a book (insert awkward pause here if you already have and it’s on your profile or something and i haven’t read it yet)… anyway… i laughed out loud…

  13. sally said:

    Aw, thanks! While I have written IN books, I have not written A book.

    bulb: I am dumb and was trying to figure out how to pronounce “reuben” so that it would even vaguely resemble “british butt lineup.” So, uh, thanks, Jaysus, for clearing that up with the “ASK you.”

  14. bulb said:

    Actually my rendering would have been the even less subtle “Ass Queue”; the guvnah who attended my hometown church did separate those middle consonants.

  15. biz said:

    I use to work with a guy named Dick Shaver. At the same company there was a Richard Hare.

  16. ATLady said:

    i noticed in passing one day that one of the writers on king of the hill is named norm hiscock… he also wrote for brain candy (kids in the hall) and saturday night live. is it possible that all the teasing in elementary school helped him develop what would come to be a marketable sense of humor?

  17. edyesed said:

    peter fagot.

    He’s a salesman for a vendor at my work.
    “It’s pronounce FA-GO!”

  18. ATLady said:

    watching cheers at 2 am this morning i noticed that one of the producers is named mary fukuto. unfortunate, but surely it comes in handy sometimes…

  19. cosmopsis said:

    Two days ago, I received a company e-mail from someone named Summer Slaughter.

  20. jp! said:

    you deal w/ reference requests…are these street names?