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24 Jun 2005

Every Moment.

Written by sally @ 10:16 am — Section: sally

So Wednesday night was the Rogue Wave show. I made broad proclamations that I was going to go, and then around 8:00 I decided there was no way I was going. (It was once determined that if I were a superhero, my name would be The Canceller — only you pronounce it cancellah.) I put on my pajama pants and settled in to watch Celebrity Charades. Then at 8:30, the phone rang, and it was Gram, and they were in town and headed to Jaxxie’s for dinner, and I could not say hey dude, I’m completely ditching you so I said instead cool man, I’ll see you over there.

And I’m so glad I did.

The band arrived and Gram and I sang the Jackson Middle School fight song (I’m unbelievably predictable: apparently I did this the last time they were here as well). Pat, the drummer, asked if I had any yearbooks with photographic evidence of Gram, but I had one better: our 8th grade class picture. Since I live 100 yards from Jaxxie’s, I went home and got it, which was hilarious fun for those of us who actually attended Jackson Middle School — and was greeted with polite nodding from the rest of the group (which also included the guys from Helio Sequence).

So eventually we all actually went to the bar, although reluctantly; more than once, someone in one of the bands said, let’s not play tonight; let’s just stay here. It was my first time at WC Don’s, and I have to say, the descriptions of its nastiness were not exaggerated. Low ceilings; weird mazey layout; lots of old, bug-infested couches with indie-rock girls piled on them; a hallway of death lined with red lights and designed in such a way that when you walk down said hallway of death you cannot really hear anything that’s going on in the rooms the hallway connects, thus leading to thoughts of your impending death; and then the main band-playing room. Oh, dear.

More gross couches, cruddy carpet, cruddy parquet floor, a frigging chandelier hanging over the stage…ah. After 100 years and a couple of fights, the band actually started playing, and they sounded great. Not only was there the band to look at, but there were other attractions as well: one, a lingering fight and attempted bouncing of a drunk girl who was hanging on her boyfriend’s back not unlike a monkey; and two, a dancing girl.

I say “dancing,” and in the context of a band and a bar you might be imagining some standard moves that you’ve seen before. But let me tell you: you have not seen dancing like this before. I had no paper nor pencil, but I tried really hard to memorize all of her moves so I could report them.

In varying order, depending on the tempo of the song, my friend the entertainer displayed the following:

–finger pointing
–waving arms, not unlike a symphony conductor
–jumping up and down
–facial expressions implying surprise, anger, pride (repeat)
–more marching
–arm movements that suggested a baton twirling routine without a baton
–the cotton-eyed Joe

Do I really need to say that it was rad? Because it was rad. No: Rad. Even RAD. RAD!!!

Back to the band: while no one spit on them this time, someone did steal some CDs from their merch table. Nice work, assholes! Thanks for contributing to this possible conversation:

Band Member 1: Wow, our tour was great. We went to a lot of places, like Portland, Phoenix, Jackson —
Band Member 2: Wait, which one was Jackson?
Band Member: It was the place where we got spit on and robbed.
Band Member 2: Oh yeah!

It was a good time. The band closed by inviting Helio Sequence to join them, and the tiny, cruddy, potentially termite-infested stage was full of cute boys singing and playing and smiling, and it was truly lovely.

7 Responses to “Every Moment.”

  1. sam said:

    Hey, I bet you didn’t know I was there. See, I can prove it: I have a picture of the Rad Dancer.

  2. sally said:

    Now see, I just would have found that girl annoying. Rad Dancer was way more expressive.

  3. jaysus said:

    the Rad Dancer also bought at least 10 t-shirts. she would go to the table and flirt with whichever one happened to be sitting there, buy a t-shirt, and then go Dance Some More!!! and then she’d go back.
    and: i didn’t get too close, but someone told me she had some righteous BO.
    i think jaxxie’s VIP pre-party + roberta’s sick chef skills pretty much cancels out beer spitting and cd theft. they love jackson.

  4. gorjus said:

    The party? Was WAY rad, and the Helio Sequence boys were In Love with Jaxxie’s Vintage Furniture. It happens a lot, you know.

  5. The Diplomat said:

    I danced with The Rad Dancer for a brief spell. And yes, Jaysus, her BO was powerful. It was like freshly cut grass and geraniums, but muskier, and weirdly seminal. It made me feel like an animal. If Laura hadn’t been there by me I would have bitten her (the Rad Dancer) all over.

    On another note – the way she was wearing her dress with one arm not threaded through the prescribed arm hole so the arm hole just sort of hung there for dear mercy below her stank-pit – goddam that annoyed me.

  6. Jaxxie said:

    I have to give props to the Canceller AND Nog (Canceller-in-training) for shutting down the bar!!!

    I wish I had watched more of the dancing extravaganza. I was distracted by the hope of seeing Jaysus and the Giant drag Drunkmonkey by her appendages down the hallway of death and bounce her into the parking lot.

  7. sally said:

    I studied her strange garment as well. And while at first I thought she was letting the left armhole dangle underneath her pit, after careful inspection I discovered that THERE WAS NO LEFT ARMHOLE. Her shirt was supposed to look like that. You know, like she made it in home ec class 15 years ago.