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20 Jun 2005

TomKat Celebration Weekend!

Written by sally @ 11:14 am — Section: sally

To celebrate Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ recent engagement, Larry and I went to see Batman Begins on Saturday.

We both loved it. For a comic book movie, Batman Begins does what most do not: it exists in the world of reality. There are no superheroes in Gotham; there are only men who dress up as bats and fight for justice.

In keeping with that reality, most everything bat-related is explained, including:

–why he chose to dress as a bat
–where he got the Batmobile, the Batsuit, and the cool equipment
–the creation of the Batcave

The only flaw — and this is minor — is the dumb, gruff voice Bruce Wayne uses when he is Batman. It sounds like it would hurt your throat if you kept it up too long.

There is also a male doctor in the movie who looks exactly like Yoanna from America’s Next Top Model. Compare this to this.

Then that evening, to fully celebrate the happy couple, we watched Collateral. At least one of us did; I tried, but it stressed me out too much, so I did other things around the house and periodically asked Larry what was going on from the other room. I have to say one thing: Tom Cruise looks like shit in that movie. I didn’t stay long enough to discern the acting ability of anyone involved; when the dude landed on Jamie Foxx’s car, it was over for me.

Sunday Larry FINALLY FINISHED PAINTING THE HOUSE while I spent most of the day cleaning. I even mopped. This is noteworthy. I spent the rest of the day idly staring into space. I think I have a case of the bleus again.

My mood was elevated slightly with the purchase of one of those $1.99 celebrity magazines, the ones with the second-rate photos of celebrities. Inside is the most hideous picture of — who else? — Tom Cruise with his open mouth sort of mushed up on Katie Holmes. His eyes are closed. I also thought it was wildly hilarious that Carnie Wilson’s baby was on the cover (who cares?) and that there was a feature on the guy who plays Luke on Gilmore Girls. I was unclear on the point of the article: the pictures show him at a restaurant, and then there is a recipe for a dessert. That Luke sure loves food!

I think television will cure what ails me tonight: Six Feet Under, Hell’s Kitchen, and — new! — Celebrity Charades.

11 Responses to “TomKat Celebration Weekend!”

  1. gclark said:

    when i saw the title of this post, i thought it was going to be about tom the cat. i was wondering what he could have done that would have warranted a weekend of celebrating.

  2. bulb said:

    Your thing about the gender ambiguity of Cillian Murphy is spot on. Only later did I realize I had seen him in 3 other major movies: Cold Mountain, Girl with Pearl Earring as Scarlett’s butcher boyfriend, and 28 Days Later as the lead/zomdie defying hero. I haven’t gotten around to Intermission yet.

  3. gorjus said:

    Did you see who’s producing Celebrity Charades? Yes! Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe! Aw, she has two Oscars. And he gets CHARADES.

    I must also admit that of the print ad in my USWeekly I only recognized four of the “celebrities.” And, only like, two of them by name. One of them was the guy who played an NBC exec on Seinfeld. Um.

  4. sally said:

    gclark, you obviously do not care about the phony love lives of celebrities if you didn’t immediately know what “TomKat” meant. It’s not as good as Bennifer or Brangelina, but fortunately they make up for the crap name by making out in public for hours and hours.

  5. gorjus said:

    I actually think “TomKat” is really good. Um. Contextually, of course.

  6. beth said:

    Yoanna or no, Cillian Murphy is a huge crush of mine. So leave him alone.

  7. lucy said:

    I read on the internets today that Cruise is paying Katie $5 million dollars to marry him and stay married for 5 years, and there is a no-sex clause in the contract.

  8. sally said:

    What?? Where??

  9. Satisfied '75 said:

    see in the news today how Warner Bros didnt re-sign Katie Holmes for the Batman sequel?

  10. RD said:

    Saw it last night. Rocked. Best of all Batman films. Happy. Goodnight.

  11. Selin said:

    I’ve watched 3 films of Cillian Murphy until now and I found him very very talent. I believe in him and he will be more successful in the future because, Cillian is an excellent actor. Besides he is very handsome with his soulful blue eyes. I haven’t ever seen eyes as wonderful as Cillian in my life. I love these blue and beautiful eyes of him. I feel in love with him everyday more and more and I love him everyday one more time… Best regards everybody from Turkey, Selin:)