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15 Oct 2018

If Your Pretty Mouth Can’t Hold It In.

Written by sally @ 7:24 am — Section: sally

I know nothing about tarot cards, but I am a big fan of signs, even if I routinely misinterpret or purposefully ignore them. Jessica Dore’s Twitter account blends tarot with behavioral science and just general kindness towards all the terrible humans. If you’re a Twitter person and want to go “oh, shit” when you see your own awfulness in these posts every day, follow her. This is today’s:

Oh, and this one hurt:

As Mary Oliver would say, “You want to cry aloud for your mistakes. But to tell the truth the world / doesn’t need any more of that sound.”

Between the tarot and the Mary Oliver and the general existence on the planet, well, I am exhausted and grateful. (Also, Mary Oliver loves to go outside and see beauty everywhere, and yesterday I thought, ok, Mary, let’s do this, and so I went outside and saw…some bees eating (?) a dead lizard, so maybe I have a ways to go with the whole “going outside and seeing beauty everywhere” part.)

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