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12 Aug 2009

It’s a Slow Nugget Day.

Written by sally @ 7:42 am — Section: Uncategorized

This morning I saw a guy swig from a gallon jug of red drink while in the passenger seat of a car.

I am working on a power point presentation with someone who lives elsewhere, and a few weeks ago he sent his half of the presentation to me so I could insert my slides. He had chosen the hideous Arial as a font, which I ignored, and used Garamond instead. I didn’t fuck with his ugly Arial; I just went about my business, made my slides, then sent the presentation back to him. THEN he sent it back to me and said “oh hey I made all the font the same” which, ok, fine, I kind of expected that, but inexplicably, instead of changing all of it to Arial he changed it all to COMIC SANS.

The other night I asked Larry, “Did Spike just poop, or is that your popsicle I smell?” Somehow, the smell of a grape popsicle was exactly that of a teething poop. (Oh, you molars, you are the devil.) This did not stop me from eating a grape popsicle later in the evening.

Ok, that’s all.

5 Responses to “It’s a Slow Nugget Day.”

  1. Prof Fury said:

    Allow me then to share with you this comic sans-related comic you may have already seen as it’s over 2 years old now:

  2. Katrina said:

    I hate comic sans!

  3. poobou said:

    Comic Sans? WTF? Who uses that for a presentation?

    Please elaborate on the “red drink” – are we talking Hawaiian Punch, or a gallon of cheap wine?

  4. sally said:

    You know, red drink. Comes in jug like a gallon of milk. There is also purple drink and orange drink.

  5. poobou said:

    Oh. So, ghetto juice?