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5 Aug 2009

Nuggets in Time.

Written by sally @ 9:14 am — Section: sally


2. My birthday was Monday and I stayed home with Spike, and then yesterday I ditched him at daycare and went shopping. I had a gift card from Anthropologie (thanks, in laws!) and no time constraints. This, friends, is a great combo. So I dug around in the sale area and had a pile of stuff to try on, including this really cute dress that was marked down to $19.95! Hello! At Anthropologie! So I tried it on, and ohmygod it fit. It’s a leetle low cut (and uh, not in a cute way), but a tank top underneath will do the trick. I also got a super cute skirt.

So last night I was hanging the dress up and heard some crinkling. I went hunting for the crinkly tag and found, instead, a Payday candy bar wrapper in the pocket.

I figured the dress had been returned, as it was marked down so much, but people, it is pristine. There is nary a mark on it, nary a stray string. I have decided that these are the only possible scenarios:

a. the person wore the dress and ate a Payday
b. the person tried the dress on at home and ate a Payday
c. the person tried the dress on at home, heard her roommate’s key in the lock, and stuffed the Payday wrapper into the pocket to prevent the roommate from knowing she ate her last Payday
d. an Anthropologie employee was eating a Payday in the sale area and slipped the wrapper in the pocket when she heard her supervisor coming

While I do not understand who eats Paydays — hello, there is no chocolate — I am grateful that there is no smeary chocolate residue in the pocket. In related news, I am going to start stuffing candy bar wrappers into garments and then demanding a discount upon check out.

3. Last night I accidentally watched Somewhere in Time. All 103 minutes of it (I know there are 103 minutes because at 90 minutes, I looked on imdb to see how much more I had to live through). I last saw this when I was in high school and thought it was sooooo romaaaaantic. Y’all. While I love romance + time travel, Christopher Reeve, bless him, is the WORST ACTOR EVER. It’s like watching an orangutan trying to act. He clutches his head to indicate despair. It is unbearable. It would be 10 times more enjoyable as a Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie. If you have seen this movie lately, perhaps you can answer two questions for me:

1. So she gives the watch to him when she’s old, and then he leaves it in 1912 when he disappears. But where did it come from to begin with?
2. So the penny screws him and he flies back to 1979. Why doesn’t he just try to go back to 1912 again instead of crying and taking long walks on the beach?

If you have a chance, please watch this movie, take some notes, and get back to me.

5 Responses to “Nuggets in Time.”

  1. poobou said:

    Um, I like PayDays. Don’t judge me.

    I think of all possible scenarios, D is my favorite because I can imagine the Anthropologie trying to then speak normally to her supervisor as if she doesn’t have a mouthful of peanuts and nougat.

    I’ve never seen “Somewhere in Time.” And after that stellar review, I really don’t want to.

  2. Mix said:

    Is Christopher Reeve as bad as Keanu Reeves? Is it a coincidence that their last names are so very similar?

  3. sally said:

    Christopher does have more emotion, but it’s like he was trained to be a silent film star. Very hammy.

  4. gorjus said:


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