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28 Jan 2009

Twitchy! Sanctified!

Written by sally @ 10:45 am — Section: Uncategorized


I get twitchy, I get sanctified* (although it took me a minute), but 7TITHRS? The Diplomat sent me that one. My guess is “seven tithers” and his is “seven tit hours.” Any other guesses?

• I’ve been reading (slowly, I may add) Decline and Fall by Evelyn Waugh. I aspire to write a truly silly book one day (complete with ridiculous character names) and have some blurbist write on the back that my book is “in the spirit of Waugh’s Decline and Fall; a true nonsensical masterpiece.” I have the feeling it took Waugh approximately two weeks to write and that he was drunk a lot during the process. One day, I shall give myself a drunken two weeks alone with a typewriter and see what happens. I have a feeling it would be something like this:

Onec upon a tine there was a nam maned Horace McSludgebucket and omg I’m so drunkkkk

• Do you know about Sexy People? What about Fuck You, Penguin? You’re welcome, internet.

• Jaxxonians, have you been to the downtown Keifer’s and had a burger lately? The burger with the mozzerella AND THE FETA DRESSING? Jesus. I ate one yesterday and could eat another four or so today, too.

• Also, gorjus killed John Updike.

*These sound like awesome song lyrics.

7 Responses to “Twitchy! Sanctified!”

  1. liz said:

    seven tight hours? seventy IT Hours? Seven Teethers?

  2. christie said:

    Thanks for the Sexy People link! I think you should consider using those photos as inspirations for your book’s characters. Walter with Cat (90’s) might make a good Horace McSludgebucket…

  3. jrb said:

    is it wrong that i got ‘too witchy’ from 2witchy?

    seventy-eight hours? seventy-eight whores?

  4. Karlos said:

    Seventieth Arse?

  5. liz said:

    This morning I saw NOVANTY. Could it really be a vanity plate that says “no vanity”?

  6. poobou said:

    There’s a car I’ve seen twice now, with “WHYITCH” on it. Is it “why itch?” or “why I teach”? I can’t figure it out.

    Also, I have no clue about 7TITHRS.

  7. Mix said:

    7 Tithers? Maybe they tithe a lot in that family.