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9 Jan 2009

Car Talk.

Written by sally @ 12:50 pm — Section: Uncategorized


Painted on the back window of a car:


4 Responses to “Car Talk.”

  1. liz said:

    Not extraordinary hustl’n, mind you, just your basic, ordinary hustl’n.

  2. jrb said:

    on the back window of a truck in the walmart parking lot (where else?):

    sudistic kreations

    in a nice murder/blood font with letters all askew.

  3. poobou said:

    What kind of car was that on? Did it seem like a hustlin’ kind of vehicle?

    My favorite recent plate was:

    Since I live in a relatively liberal area full of transplants, I keep forgetting that I live in the Bible Belt. Then I come across that kind of stuff. Sigh.

  4. d-ashes said:

    Thought you would appreciate this one, Sally: http://failblog.org/2009/01/12/diva-gina-fail/