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7 Jan 2009

Facebook Stats.

Written by sally @ 9:09 am — Section: sally

Percentage of people I went to elementary/middle/high school with who are now Republicans: 90%

Actual fan pages of a girl I had a few classes with in 10th grade:
Pizza Hut
Dallas Cowboys
Jeff Dunham

Average number of exclamation points in my cousin’s status messages: 5

Percentage of status updates from a middle school friend that are about working out: 100%

Number of Facebook friends who have obviously had plastic surgery: 1

Percentage of status updates from a girl I went to geometry summer school with that I copy and paste into emails and send to other people: 95%

Percentage of those status messages that reference xanax or tattoos: 50%

Percentage of those status messages that reference her love life: 40%

Percentage of those status messages that reference her child, who she named after a cabbage: 10%

Number of times per day I call or gchat Larry with some tidbit garnered from Facebook: one million

4 Responses to “Facebook Stats.”

  1. jacob said:

    Actual Fb Groups my best friend in high school is now a member of:

    People for the Eating of Tasty Animals (P.E.T.A.), Republican National Committee – Official Group, I Support the California ProtectMarriage Constitutional Amendment, Christians Against Gay Marriage, Man Law, AMERICAS TEAM DALLAS COWBOYS FANS, ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE FOOTBALL, Born in 1972, You know you grew up in the 80’s if:, You know you’re from Alabama when.., I Support the Israel Defense Forces In Preventing Terror Attacks From Gaza

  2. larry ferrari said:

    What’s Facebook?

  3. Elizabeth said:

    Larry, you need a facebook page so that we can annoy you with the most minute details of our day.

  4. gorjus said:

    i demand to be on the cabbage-baby list.