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9 Jul 2008

The Return of the Nuggets.

Written by sally @ 3:37 pm — Section: Uncategorized

1. I have a friend on Facebook who was born in 1923. Question: is this weird or cool? Discuss.

2. Friday we are headed to Memphis for the weekend — this will be Spike’s first road trip. It’s usually a 3-hour drive. It’s safe to assume it’s going to take us 5 or 6 hours, right? I can’t wait until he’s older so I can make him pee in a cup in the backseat like my parents made me do. He will have a slight advantage in terms of success. My father also limited how much liquid I was allowed to consume. Um. Is that child abuse?

3. On the television front, I have been watching Wipeout and heartily laughing my ass off. Sometimes I rewind to watch parts again. I’m not proud.


5. We were going to a white trash party the other night, and I really wanted to wear some of those crusty Billy Bob teeth (I actually had some that were made of gum, but they melted). I consulted my costuming expert, Mrs. Floon, who sent me to Party City. They probably had some, but I wandered around and didn’t find any and then couldn’t bring myself to ask. Please ma’am, where do you keep your false hillbilly teeth? Instead, I bought a single clip-on gold tooth ($1.99). Of course I had to wash the thing before sticking it in my mouth, and while I was rinsing it off WHOOSH! it went down the drain. I don’t know if you believe in ghosts, but all I’m saying is that 1) one of my Grandaddy’s front teeth was gold and 2) he’s dead.

2 Responses to “The Return of the Nuggets.”

  1. Elizabeth said:

    If you need a place to stop and feed, change, etc., you are more than welcome to stop in the Valley at our house. Any trip with Gabe adds at least another hour if not two. Try to leave about nap time and the car seems to extend the nap slightly.

  2. poobou said:

    About your dad & road trips: my dad was the same way. He never limited how much we could drink, but he always bitched & moaned about having to stop. Then one time we drove back from New Orleans right after a family reunion, where my dad had consumed many, many beers. We had to stop on the I-55 bridge to let him pee into Lake Pontchartrain. He never gave us grief about pit stops again.

    As for your trip, though, yeah it probably will take a lot longer. But like Elizabeth said, try to plan it around naptime and it shouldn’t be too bad.