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20 Apr 2007

This is a Very Ordinary Experience.

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I Walked Over the Grave of Henry James

I walked over the grave of Henry James
But recently, and one eye kept the dry stone.
The other leaned on boys at games away.
My soul was balanced in my body cold.

I am one of those prodigals of hell
Whom ten years have seen cram with battle;
Returns to what he canted from, grants it good,
As asthma makes itself a new resolution.

I crushed a knob of earth between my fingers,
This is a very ordinary experience.
A name may be glorious but death is death,
I thought, and took a street-car back to Harvard Square.

— Richard Eberhart

(from American Poetry: The Twentieth Century, Volume Two. The Library of America, 2000. p. 458.)

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