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30 Nov 2006


Written by sally @ 3:55 pm — Section: sally

On Monday when I took a totally unnecessary day off just because I could, I rearranged some furniture — one of my most favorite things to do, especially when no one is home to say “are you sure that’ll fit there? let’s measure first” — and in the process had to unload/reload a cabinet that houses all my cds. I found some I forgot I had, some I hadn’t loaded into iTunes (uh, is that the expression? “loaded into iTunes”? “uploaded to my computer”? wha?), and some that I thought were long gone. Along with a lot of empty cd cases that give me stress but that I’m trying not to think about.

Anyway, I put a few of the old-but-newfound cds in my car and have been listening to them this week. One is Weezer’s Pinkerton, which I’ve been singing along to and all, but also secretly thinking to myself, I can’t believe I used to really love these songs, and I can’t believe I thought they were really speaking to me. And then “Across the Sea” came on and I totally forgave the band for “El Scorcho.” Man, “Across the Sea”! That’s worth the whole album. (Unrelated note about this album: I once got a job at an arts agency because I referenced this album and the Madama Butterfly references throughout. They thought I would bring some hip freshness to the place. Boy, were they wrong.)

The other song that I am currently in love with is Squeeze’s “Up the Junction.” My eyes get all hot and prickly at the end. A few months ago I was doing some Google-stalking to entertain Heidi, my best friend in high school, and I found her high-school-boyfriend’s myspace page. Y’all, he is almost 40 and he has a myspace page.* Anyway, his wife had had a baby, like, two days before and this was the song that he had on his page. I sort of forgave him for wearing all that Calvin Klein Eternity in 1990.

Speaking of that guy, he was older than us and managed a record store and was fairly cool if you’re into getting great tickets to shows and free cds and signed posters and stuff and also, copious amounts of Calvin Klein Eternity. So he got us FRONT ROW TICKETS TO MORRISSEY OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME** and even though Heidi and the guy broke up by the time the concert rolled around, we all still went together, and there we were on the front row, and I don’t know if you know this but we were in Texas at the time, which is in the United States, where we just call Morrissey “Morrissey,” we don’t call him “The Moz” like they do in England, but this guy, oh no, he was way cooler and wore more Calvin Klein Eternity than anyone in this country and apparently fancied himself British and therefore while everyone else was chanting, as they do, “Morrissey, Morrissey, MORRissey, MORR-IS-SEY” this guy was standing there pumping his fist and screaming “THE MOZ! THE MOZ!”

So. I will give you one guess what this guy named his child.


I’m not kidding.



*Will save rant about myspace for another time.
**If you watch the Morrissey: Live in Dallas video, you’ll see my thumb and Heidi’s whole head. She looks really bored, but that is a lie: we both cried and had to hold each other when Morrissey first came on stage. And then, she was the first person to touch him at the show, and people actually ran up to her and said “you are so lucky” while weeping.

8 Responses to “THE MOZ.”

  1. poobou said:

    I once worked with a guy named Moz. I’m pretty sure it was a nickname, since he was of some middle eastern descent, and I think his real name was something that was completely unpronouncable to our lazy American mouths.

  2. PrettyFakes » Blog Archive » Songs I Couldn’t Get out of My Head in 2006 said:

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  3. biz said:

    That is the best thing I have ever read.

  4. gorjus said:

    I have watched the Morrissey (I do not say “Moz”) video. I have never seen your thumb.

    You lied to me, Sally Jackson Nordan. Despite that, best story about Morrissey, Texas, and MySpace EVAR.

  5. Frenchie said:

    I just want to point out that Johnny Marr has a MySpace page.

  6. Frenchie said:

    As does Morrissey:

  7. beth said:

    I thought your best friend in high school was someone else. Someone who kissed your lumberjack boyfriend?

  8. sally said:

    Yeah, that was Vicki Nelson. And my boyfriend turned out to be a redneck fireman, although I am now going to tell people that is a lumberjack.