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27 Nov 2006

Nancy Loves Natty Light.

Written by sally @ 10:43 am — Section: sally

For no real reason at all — except the fact that I have today off — here is a picture of one of the most frightening costumes of all time. I give you Sid and Nancy, circa 1998:


Yes. You’re seeing it clearly: Nancy is wearing a blonde clown wig.

3 Responses to “Nancy Loves Natty Light.”

  1. vendela said:

    i know she was supposed to be with sid, but it looks like she dumped him on the metro to take up with the keyboard player for depeche mode.

    …um, before she made out with some undergraduate on my duplex=mate’s stoop. i seem to remember sitting outside with lady macbeth, minnie pearl, and sally o watching someone get their face eaten off. i’m just sayin’….

  2. xyz said:

    ohhhhhh gawd…I drove all the way to Columbus for that piece of sh*t “hairpiece”…this is sooo goin’ on myspace…aahhhhh, the 90’s,… vendela, member when drunk jesus left his cross in your front yard???

  3. gorjus said:

    I’m just saying this is the most awesome thing of all time. I think that’s my jacket Nancy’s wearing!!

    This is so rock and roll. Was it really ’98??