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22 Nov 2006

A Thanksgiving Picture. Or Something.

Written by sally @ 1:05 pm — Section: sally

I was looking for a Polaroid this morning of me wearing the pilgrim outfit my mother made me in first grade, the one I had to wear to school. Let’s think: do people dress up for Thanksgiving? NO. Because I was in a homemade pilgrim outfit, I had to go to each classroom and let kids ask me questions about my voyage on the Mayflower, which sucked, as I had not prepared anything at all and so would just answer “it was fine” to these types of questions. Which obviously was not interesting or fun or anything for anyone.

But I couldn’t find that picture, so here’s one of my dad pulling my tooth while I scream and my brother ignores both of us. Happy Thanksgiving!


4 Responses to “A Thanksgiving Picture. Or Something.”

  1. poobou said:

    Wow, what a happy childhood memory to capture permanently on film. Was your mom high when she took this?

  2. liz said:

    At least you weren’t in a trash can.

  3. Sally said:

    Oh, I didn’t realize that parents were only supposed to record happy childhood memories. And actually, I think it is completely awesome that my mother took this picture.

  4. mix said:

    I took a picture of Rose when she was losing her 6th or 7th tooth. Actually, I didn’t get the picture of her losing the tooth, but I asked her to make a really sad and upset face that would convey the pain of losing a tooth, and she did it perfectly. So now, when I show people the picture, they just think it’s her being upset, but I get to tell them that she’s just a very good actress. Tangential information, but related to your subject! Yay! Yay tooth losing!