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21 Nov 2006

A Few Gays.

Written by sally @ 4:20 pm — Section: Uncategorized

I was looking for someone’s obituary this morning and found this gem. I would be offended if I weren’t too busy laughing.

from the June 27, 1988 Clarion-Ledger:

30 Celebrate Gay Pride in Jackson
By Mary Dixon

About 30 people gathered for a gay pride celebration in Smith Park in downtown Jackson on Sunday afternoon. … The Jackson chapter of the Mississippi Gay and Lesbian Alliance sponsored the celebration in the park. The gathering was low-key with a few gays giving speeches and others singing songs. … [The chairman of the local chapter] said most of the people at the event were gay. A few homeless men who customarily pass time in the park also listened to the speakers. One homeless man made fun of two gay men by making faces at them behind their backs.

I keep reading it over and over and it doesn’t get less funny to me. First, there are a whopping 30 people participating. Then, the participants are described as “gays.” Then, those gays are doing some singing. And finally, there is the renegade homeless guy who has no home (hence his title, “homeless”) but still has the energy to make fun of some folks.

Oh, 1988, you scamp, you crack me up.

2 Responses to “A Few Gays.”

  1. liz said:

    Oh my god, this is priceless!

  2. vendela said:

    i wonder if those are the same homeless guys who heckled bobby as the los buddies did some singing in front of smith park last months. one guy did some spirited hillbilly dancing in front of the stage, while another guy hopped onstage and sang along with bobby. he also played a mean harmonica.