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17 Nov 2006

Follow Me for Great Bargains.

Written by sally @ 4:02 pm — Section: Uncategorized

Coming back from lunch today the car in front of me had an awesome old-timey bicycle complete with basket and bell strapped to the trunk with a For Sale sign on it. It was $100. I’ve never seen for-sale bike strapped to a car before, and as I changed lanes and glanced over at the car again, I noticed that this man had plenty of other things for sale, all presumably stuffed into his car. He had a big sign in the back seat side window advertising the following:

— one mens suit, cuffed, $75
— one tire with less than 50 miles on it, $40
— one acoustic guitar with new strings, $60

There were other, smaller notes stuck up on the window as well, but the light changed, and then he turned right and I went straight.

I don’t really want to know why he’s selling his possessions out of his car, but I do want to know if he drives around all day hoping for a buyer, and if he unties the bicycle every night to avoid theft, and why he thinks anyone would want to purchase a used suit (for such a high price!) out of someone’s back seat.

2 Responses to “Follow Me for Great Bargains.”

  1. larry ferrari said:

    Maybe the suit was a floor model, and he has a sewing machine in his glove box for custom tailoring on the side of the road. Now that’s service. Move over Tom James (, there is some new blood in town, and he sells bikes and tires too. He sounds just like a virtual Sam’s Club on wheels. AWESOME.

  2. mix said:

    Did his license plate say “MYPUDIN”? Just curious.