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16 Nov 2006

Duck, Duck, Nugget.

Written by sally @ 3:13 pm — Section: Uncategorized

• Today might be the longest day in the history of all days. I’m just saying. I’m considering hiding under my desk and reading Jane Eyre. No, really. I have a pretty good shot at getting away with it. I hear that in all seriousness, lots of people around here curl up under their desks for a little afternoon Costanza.

• Here are the Masters Floon on their first birthday:


Could they be any cuter? Answer: no.

• I read today that in France, pharmacists are trained mycologists (mushroom-ologists). I find this fascinating. I’m trying to imagine how well this would go over at my local neighborhood Walgreen’s. In between the shootings and robberies, that is.

• Dear Top Chef,

You are the only show in which I would tolerate these two words not only in the same sentence, but in the same dish:


Way to go!


6 Responses to “Duck, Duck, Nugget.”

  1. The Diplomat said:

    I read that in the Times too this morning and though gee, cool. but I think that’s mostly just in mushroom country, not at every pharm in the latin quarter. In mississippi you’d be arrested if you walk anywhere with a handfull of freshly picked mushrooms, as there’s putatively only one persuasion that people predominantly pick.

    There were some gross things happening in TC last night. I’m an offal fanatic, and wouold have liked to have seen more types get used, but completely understand why everyone went with the sweetbreads.

    But Josie! C’mon – you knew better than that for a 5th course. and, ewwww, btw. I’m happy to see the whiny bitch go though.

    Cliff and Sam are my frontrunners this season.

  2. beth said:

    Do you watch ANTM anymore?

    I want those babies.

  3. sally said:

    I do still watch ANTM and am v. deeply in love with CariDee. I don’t hate Melrose because now that everyone else hates her she has become an official underdog, and I’m a sucker for an underdog! It’s going to be CariDee and Melrose in the final two. And why is Eugena still on the show?!

  4. gorjus said:

    Wait. You’re an “offal fanatic”? That explains a lot.

  5. melinda said:

    Eugena is a man. I’m just sayin.

    Also, sweetbreads? Neither sweet, nor bread. Discuss.

  6. vendela said:

    i’ve eaten sweetbreads before at a very la-dee-da restaurant in new orleans. disgusting. and i was objective cause i didn’t know what they were. i just couldn’t read the french on the menu, and i thought “sweetbreads” would be some puff pastry contraption.

    btw, someone needs to convince josie that she has talent because, to hear her talk, i don’t think she believes it.