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14 Nov 2006

O Dishwasher, My Dishwasher.

Written by sally @ 10:24 pm — Section: sally

Larry has this thing about the dishwasher: he loves running the dishwasher. LOVES IT. But because I am a woman who loves nothing more than a routine, my routine for running the dishwasher is this:

1. Stuff the dishwasher with as many dishes as possible.
2. Walk around the house and find all the abandoned glasses on bedside tables and on bookshelves.
3. Add abandoned items.
4. Turn on dishwasher right before bed so as not to interfere with nighttime bathing.

Here is Larry’s routine:

1. When the urge hits, sidle up to dishwasher.
2. Do not look for additional items around the house.
3. To be safe, you may even want to leave a couple dirty things in the sink.
4. Disregard anyone who may be running their bathwater.
5. Gleefully turn on dishwasher.
6. The next day, do not unload dishwasher.

This evening, I was watching Law and Order: Criminal Intent while Larry was finishing up in the kitchen. I heard a lot of banging around.

Sally: You’re not about to run the dishwasher, are you?
Larry: Yes! It’s full!
Sally: There are only two glasses in there, which I know because I unloaded it yesterday.
Larry: It’s totally full. I’m telling you.

A moment later I heard the dishwasher start up.

Sally: LARRY!
Dishwasher: (stops running)
Larry: (laughs)


3 Responses to “O Dishwasher, My Dishwasher.”

  1. bulb said:

    Kismet! I came across a five minute bit of Martha on the Ellen show explaining the proper way to load a dishwasher yesterday afternoon.

  2. gorjus said:

    Yes! And I once . . . I once saw a dishwasher.

    You know that you are inadvertantly making Larry a folk hero, don’t you?

  3. beth said:

    Eric hates the dishwasher. He prefers to wash everything by hand. I know that having a dishwasher is included in our rent, which is not cheap — so I LIKE TO USE IT. AND IT IS THERE. TO USE. We get into arguments about using it. I think he likes to conserve energy, but he has no qualms about the washer/drier, or his computers, or the turntables. Jeez.

    And I always wait until it is full. It is one of the only things we argue about.